If you notice any suspicious activity on your BtcTurk account you can contact us via contact us form or sending an e-mail to support@btcturk.com.

There are multiple ways to monitor your account activities:

  • Account > Account Activity for your deposit / withdraw activities and trades
  • Account > Order History for detailed order history
  • Account > User Logs for successful logins, invalid login attempts, orders, withdrawal and deposit logs, new withdrawal address addition and existing withdrawal address removal logs etc.
  • Security > Device Management for monitoring all logged in devices and active sessions

For keeping your account safe;

  • Do not share your e-mail address, password or 2-factor authentication code which you are using to log in
  • Do not use the same passwords for your e-mail address and BtcTurk | Kripto account
  • Change your account password regularly. (Please note that, you'll be forced to change your account password once in every 90 days. To prevent forced password resets, please change your password in every 90 days.)
  • Turkish Citizens should prefer Authenticator applications rather than SMS. It's easy to switch to Authenticator at Security > Two Factor Authentication page. Authenticator also prevents delays while logging in related to SMS delivery issues, especially for users living outside of Turkey.