Our users are responsible to ensure the security of the data (ID information, passwords, account information) stored on the devices they use. BtcTurk, grants the security of the data and kripto assets of it's users on different layers described below.

How do we secure our website?

Cyber security principles and disciplines are prioritized at all stages of development of our website. All products are subjected to cyber security tests immediately after development, using internal and external resources. In addition, our entire architecture is regularly penetrated by independent cyber security companies. Many attack vectors and their results are evaluated in every detail. Many common and reliable cyber security disciplines are followed and implemented. Current threats are constantly monitored and necessary measures are taken against these threats.

How do we secure our wallets?

Multi authorization systems are being used on the wallets (both Hot and Cold) of our company. This structure aims to keep customer assets safe even in cases of physical theft / hijacking. Your crypto assets are mostly (at least 97%) stored in cold wallets and under advanced physical security measures.

What are our precautions against DDoS attacks?

Cloud services that are proven worldwide and developed against different DDOS methods (such as Volumetric and L7 level) are used. In addition to these services, all your data and crypto assets are protected by strong firewalls developed against potential threats. In case of emergency and unexpected situations, our disaster recovery plans and systems are ready.

How do we secure your passwords?

Your passwords are encrypted with the strongest encryption algorithms and stored in a way that cannot be read by any method. Passwords for user accounts cannot be viewed by any staff member or administrator. Access to databases where user data is stored is limited and all activities are recorded by our security operation center 24/7.

How do we secure your personal data?

Your personal data are safely stored in our company's database within the scope of the relevant legislative provisions. Your data is used to ensure that your transactions are carried out and our legal obligations are fulfilled, and we serve within the framework of the principle of privacy and protection of fundamental rights and freedom.