If you remember your PIN code that you use for cryptocurrency withdrawals; you can change it yourself from the Security>PIN Code screen on the BtcTurk | Kripto web and mobile application. You can find further information on the link below. https://infoset-helpdesk.kripto.btcturk.com/bilgi/en/articles/230-how-do-i-set-and-change-my-cryptocurrency-withdrawal-pin

If you do not remember your PIN code you used for cryptocurrency withdrawals, or if your PIN code has been blocked for security reasons due to too many incorrect entries, we kindly ask you to send the requested information and documents to the e-mail address destek@btcturk.com so that your PIN can be changed.

  • Front and back side photo of your ID (T.R. Identity Card, T.R. Driver's License and T.R. Passport photo of the inside side are accepted.)
  • A photo of you, with your face visible, holding your ID card and a declaration that reads

We request your selfie photo taken with your face visible holding your declaration and ID Card after write a declaration as stated below. You should be careful about clarity of your face, ID information and signed declaration at photo.

“To BtcTurk Support Team,

I don't remember the PIN code I created before to withdraw crypto from my BtcTurk account. I request that my existing PIN code be canceled so that I can create a new PIN code.

Your Name Your Surname

The Date

The phone number registered with BtcTurk Account

Your Signature”

Once the above information and documents are fully submitted to us, your PIN reset will be carried out. We will notify you via e-mail when your PIN reset is completed.

After your PIN code is reset, you can withdraw cryptocurrency without setting a new PIN code; however, we recommend that you create a new PIN code for your security.

*If your identity or declaration cannot be read, your request will be rejected. For this reason, we recommend you to take a photo of you while hoding your identity and declaration with the back camera of your smartphone with support of somebody else.