In case you do not have access to your account with your SMS Verification method, we kindly ask you to send the following information and documents to the e-mail address to change of your verification method from SMS to Authenticator via your registered e-mail address in the system.

  • Front and back side photo of your ID (T.R. Identity Card, T.R. Driver's License and T.R. Passport photo of the inside side are accepted.)
  • Depositing TL from your current TL account in your own name to your BtcTurk account (There is no minimum TL deposit limit, even 1 TL can be deposited. However, the minimum TL withdrawal limit is 10 TL. You do not need to submit a receipt after the transaction.)

Things to Pay Attention

  • We kindly ask you to make sure that the information on your identity document is clear and legible.
  • If your account level is 2, your account level will be reduced to level 1 after the information change. If you wish, you can request to increase your account level after changing your information.
  • If you do not have access to your account, you can access IBAN and Recipient Name information by clicking on our BtcTurk Iban Information content.

Once the above information and documents are fully submitted to us, your 2-step verification method change will be made.

When your verification method is changed, you will be notified via SMS and email. Meanwhile, you can install the Authenticator application on your device.

After your verification method is changed to Authenticator, you must log in to your account via the website with your e-mail and password.

At this stage, you will see the screen with your QR code. After clicking the "+" symbol in the lower right corner of the Authenticator application, click on the "Scan QR Code" section. Scan your QR code with the opened camera. You can log in to your account by typing the code generated on behalf of BtcTurk into the "Security Code" field.

If you are using a mobile application, we kindly ask you to log out of your account using the "Account>Logout" tab. You can then complete the above-mentioned steps by logging in with your e-mail and password.

Sample of ID Front and Back Side: