In order for your Turkish ID to be changed, please send the following information and documents to the e-mail address:

  • Front and back side photo of your ID (T.R. Identity Card, T.R. Driver's License and T.R. Passport photo of the inside side are accepted.)
  • Extract of Civil Registry, obtained on the same day via e-devlet

You can take your Extract of Civil Registry via the link below. Your document should be taken on the day you send it to us. You can take your document upon personal request or to submit to BtcTurk.

Things to Pay Attention

  • For the information change process, you must submit the requested information and documents accurately and completely via live support or our e-mail address
  • We kindly ask you to make sure that the information on your identity document is clear and legible.

Once the above information and documents are fully submitted to us, your TR ID number will be changed.

When your transaction is completed, you will be informed via SMS and e-mail.

You can login to your account immediately, after your Turkish ID number is changed.

Sample of ID Front and Back Side:

Sample of Extract of Civil Registry;