In order for your name and surname to be changed, please send the following information and documents to the e-mail address:

  • Front and back side photo of your ID (T.R. Identity Card, T.R. Driver's License and T.R. Passport photo of the inside side are accepted.)
  • Extract of Civil Registry, obtained on the same day via e-devlet

You can take your Extract of Civil Registry via the link below. Your document should be taken on the day you send it to us. You can take your document upon personal request or to submit to BtcTurk.

*In the request for a certified population sample document via e-devlet, the name of the institution should be written as "BtcTurk" when "Submission to the Institution" is selected when filling in the "Why the Document will be Given" field. When the person request is selected, you can write your "TCKN" information.

*When obtaining an actual population registration sample via e-devlet, the "yes" option must be selected in the "show events" option.

Things to Pay Attention

  • You can submit one of three documents: The front and back side photo of the Red Residence Permit Certificate, the front and back side photo of the International Protection Certificate, the front and back side photo of the Work Permit Certificate, and the inside photo of the Passport.
  • We would like to remind you that information changes cannot be made with documents that have expired or are less than 60 days old. You can get information about your expired identity documents by contacting the Provincial Migration Management.

Your name/surname change request will be made after the above information and documents are fully submitted to us within the day.

When your Name/Surname information is changed, we will inform you via e-mail and SMS.

Sample of ID Front and Back Side:

Sample of Extract of Civil Registry